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Canadair C-415

Nice to see you on my new blog here. I will start to upload recent works of mine and of course i will show you how everything was made. Maybe i will post tutorials as well.

To introduce my first blog entry, i will tell you sth. about me at first. I’m 20 years old and live in Germany. I’m working with 3D software for more than 3 years now and I try to push my skills even further than “good”.

Let’s get started! My first here shown work is the Canadair c-415, an airplane which is used to extinguish big fires in forests. It is used in America and also in Europe.

I modeled the plane in about 10 hours, if you are interested in the way i started this project, please check the timelapse video of the modeling progress. 10 hours are shown in 8 minutes 😉

I had a lot reference images, cause i was on vacation and hat the chance to see the plane on gound in a distance of less then 20 meters so i took a lot of crappy images, not beautiful images, but useful ones for a 3D artist 😉

An example here:

A example of my taken pictures

For the plane dimensions i used Wikipedia, i used the article about this plane to get the real size dimensions right. I also used a 200x300px censored preview image of an buyable blueprint, to get to know where the wings meets the body of the plane.


After the modeling was done I started the unwrapping of the model, i mostly used the normal unwrap tool and the projection tool.

After having two Uv.layouts for the body and one for the wings i created two 4k textures and started painting. At first i made the basic colours and went further in detail, like adding the welds and decals. Finally i created the nomalmaps and then the texturing was done, easy huh? 😛

To see the full wip thread, check this site, sadly its written in german, but you can take a look at a lot of pictures 🙂

Wip thread on Blendpolis.de

The rendering was done with the “old” Blender internal renderengine, for the clouds and the smoke i used the generate clouds plugin, which can be found in the addons section of Blender.

I hope you liked this model and also my first post here, feel free to critique me!

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